BC Secondary Schools
Soccer Commission

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BC Secondary Schools Soccer Commission

Championship Rules


1. 16 Teams have been divided into four groups of four teams each A, B, C, and D.

2. Each group will play a single round robin within their group then proceed to further play according to 

    - Games to be 2 x 35 minute halves
    - Championship final and consolation final games to be 2 x 40 minute halves
    - 3 points for a win
    - 0 points for a loss
    - 1 point for a tie

3. Game Tie Breaking Procedure
    a. In all round robin games, if a tie results at the end of regulation time, each team receives 1 point
    b. In all other games after round robin play, if a tie results at the end of regulation time an overtime 
        period of 2 x 7.5 minutes will be played. NO GOLDEN GOAL will be used. If the game is still tied then
        kicks from the penalty spot will be taken (FIFA rules). Games to place schools from 5th-16th will not 
        have overtime and will go straight to penalty kicks. 

4. Group tie breaking procedure: If two or more teams are tied within a group and have an equal number of
    points on the completion of the round robin, the following criteria shall be used, in order, to determine the 
    final standings. This process will be used in its entirety in needed to place the teams following round robin
    play. Once a team is determined then the process continues to break the tie.

    a) Previous Match Result - The winner of the match between two teams tied in points shall be awarded
        the higher position (not applicable if three or more are tied). If two teams are tied in points and tied the
        game they played against each other then penalty kicks will be used to determine the higher placed 
        team. Penalty kicks will be taken after the completion of round robin play.

    b) Goal Difference (Used if three or more teams are tied) - Goal difference shall be calculated by 
        subtracting goals conceded from goals scored. A maximum of five goals shall be awarded in each
        game. (Example: a 5-0 score would be a goal difference of 5, a 7-1 score would also be recorded
        as a goal difference of 5, and a 7-3 score would equal a goal difference of 4.) Goal difference will only
        be used for the matches between the teams that are tied.

    c) Least Goals Against (Used if three or more teams are tied) - The team having the fewer number of 
        goals against will be awarded the higher position. Only games between the tied teams will be used.

    d) Penalty Kicks - If two or more teams are still tied under criteria (a) - (c), then the higher group
        standing shall be decided by kicks from the penalty spot, as follows:

        *Two teams tied: as per FIFA Laws of the Game at a time and place decided by the Commission 

        *Three teams tied: each team is designated A,B, or C. Three mini games shall be played (A vs B, 
          B vs C, C vs A) consisting of five penalty kicks at a time and place to be decided by the Commission

          The standings after these three mini-games shall be ranked. Note: all five shots are to be taken in
          each mini game regardless of the score. The total goals scored in the mini games will be used.

        *Four teams tied: each team is designated A,B,C, or D. Six mini games shall be played (A vs B,
         C vs D, A vs C, B vs D, D vs A, and C vs B), to decide the final rankings as in the three team case.


1) No team may dress more than 20 players for any game

2) Substitutes may be unlimited

3) Coaches must submit their team list to the referee or field coordinator before each game indicating the 
    name and number of each player.

4) Scores will be validated and recorded by the referee.

5) All rules as outlined by the BC School Sports handbook will be upheld.

6) All decisions of the referee are final. Other rule violations shoudld be brought to the attention of the 

7) Any player receiving three yellow cards during the tournament must sit out the following game. Additional
    games may be given by the Discipline Committee.

8) Any player receiving a red card is automatically suspended from further participation in the tournament
    subject to a hearing of the Discipline Committee. Additional games may be given.

9) Protest and player misconduct will be dealt with by the Discipline Committee.

10) Appeals to decisions made by the Discipline Committe are made to the Appeals Committee.

11) Teams are requested to sit on opposite sides of the field unless there is a fourth official or if permanent
       benches are present and then will be placed on the same side of the field.

12) Teams must provide their own tent if they wish one as tents will not be provided.